• Welcome to Special 鶹s

    The 鶹 Unified School District Special 鶹s proudly supports approximately 3,000 students with exceptional needs each year.  We are committed to providing every student with an effective Individualized Education Program in the least restrictive environment.  

    Special 鶹s provides a full continuum of program options and a full range of specialized services designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities residing within the 鶹 Unified School District boundaries. 

    • We offer preschool (ages 3-5) programming on specialized campuses/classrooms and in designated general education/state preschool sites.  
    • K-12 services are provided in settings that address the student's unique needs in the least restrictive environment, utilizing a continuum of services from neighborhood school inclusion to residential placement. 
    • Our adult students, ages 18-22 participate in transition programs that are also individualized.

    Our team are ready to serve, support and partner with our parents to provide academic, behavioral, communication, and related services to your child.