• Welcome to Special 鶹s

    The 鶹 Unified School District Special 鶹s proudly supports approximately 3,000 exceptional students each year. We are deeply committed to ensuring every student receives a highly effective Individualized Education Program in an environment that fosters their fullest potential.

    Our Special 鶹s Department offers a comprehensive range of program options and specialized services tailored to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities across the 鶹 Unified School District.

    For our youngest learners aged 3-5, we provide enriching preschool experiences at specialized campuses and integrated settings within state preschool sites. From kindergarten through 12th grade, we deliver services that cater to each student’s unique requirements, promoting inclusion in the least restrictive environments possible. Our transition programs for young adults aged 18-22 are equally personalized to support their journey beyond high school.

    Our dedicated team stands ready to collaborate closely with parents, offering unwavering support in academics, behavior management, communication skills, and related services for every child in our care. Together, we strive to empower each student to thrive and succeed.